We can measure hardness of material by Vickers method using UMT Tribolab machine. This is a tutorial step by step to test hardness of glass.

UMT Tribolab

Make a indentation Vicker with condition:

  • Load: 2N
  • Time: 15s
  • Sensor: DFM 2G (maximum 20 N)

Make new script: click script tab>make consequence>add step


Engage tab is a selection touch force (N). It means that sensor will see to tourch surface of material with force equals 0.05 N.

Data file: select location is saved data

Step 1 : make a load is 2 N in time is 15s: Select General tab and chanel is Fz, mode is Constant Load, Duration is 15 seconds.

Load control tab Mode is Constant Load, Fz value -2N

Linear Drive Mode is IDLE

Sider tab Mode is IDLE.

Step 2: offset tip up 0.3 mm: General time is 3s, Cariage tab mode is relative, offset is 0.3 mm, Velosity is automatic

Linear Drive and Sider is selected mode Idle

Step 3: Move tip Vicker go to right 0.2 mm. Our target is make second indentation vicker

Distance is 0.2 mm, velocity is 0.5 mm/s. Total time is 6s

Indentation 2,3,4,5 like indentation 1

After make indentation Vicker, We measure d1 and d2 by SEM machine:

And then using tool UMT TRIBOLAB machine or Vicker fomular https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vickers_hardness_test

To caculate value of Vicker hardness Kgf/mm2 or GPa


This is check hardness for glass method example. Besides, we can select other suiable conditon for other material.

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